Matt A Byron


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Released 2013

A woman who can see the dead must face her fears as she is plunged in to a fight for her life. The world of the dead and living collide in this intense journey into the unknown.


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Released 2016

Charlie returns to his home town after learning of  his sister disappearance.  Charlie discovers that the town holds many secrets and the residents of Pine Brook Falls are just as mysterious as the town itself.  The mystery at the heart of Pine Brook Falls causes Charlie to question a reality that soon begins to unravel.  


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A collection of Haunted Delights.

From the Paranormal Suspense Short Story - What Eye See


the Supernatural Suspense Novel - Pine Brook Falls

to the new

Paranormal Thriller - Beyond the Darkness.


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Released 2017

The search into the Paranormal has begun. Searching for ghosts may be the easy part but what happens when you find them.


Lucas Mitchell has been on a journey to find answers to the mysteries that have evaded him most his life. When an investigation of an old house proves to have similarities to events he experienced as a child, uncovering the truth of the haunting may only be the beginning.


What awaits him and his team of Paranormal Investigators is something that no one could have ever expected.


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